Welcome to Massage Therapy Institute
of Western Pennsylvania
Let Your Journey Begin
Thank you for considering the Massage Therapy Institute of Western Pennsylvania (MTI)
as your path to a rewarding career in the field of professional Massage Therapy!

We are a group of experienced massage therapist, instructors, and school administrators dedicated to
providing the whole of the massage profession and the public with well-trained, quality massage
practitioners.  We believe that focusing our attention on professional and public expectations serves
not only these populations, but also the individual student who attends our program.  Our intimate
environment and small class size of not more than twelve students facilitate a "tutorial-style" or
mentoring approach to our teaching.  Our curriculum blends the intuitive, kinesthetic, scientific, and
business aspects of massage into unique and highly effective experience for our future graduates.

MTI is licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Private Licensed Schools to grant a diploma in
Therapeutic Massage Training, a 602-hour, specialized course of study that will enable graduates to
start their own massage practices, or work in health care and relaxation settings.
Massage Therapy Institute
of Western Pennsylvania
4222 Old William Penn Highway
Murrysville, PA  15668
(724) 327-1194
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